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✅ About Data Science Bootcamp:
Learn to make data-driven decisions with this Data Science Bootcamp, delivered in partnership with IBM. Designed for working professionals, the program features masterclasses by distinguished Caltech instructors & IBM experts, with exclusive hackathons and Ask Me Anything sessions by IBM.

✅ Program Overview:
The Caltech Data Science Bootcamp brings out the superiority of Caltech’s academic eminence. The program covers critical Data Science topics like Python programming, R programming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Visualization tools through an interactive learning model with live sessions by global practitioners and practical labs.

✅ Skills Covered
– Exploratory Data Analysis
– Descriptive Statistics
– Inferential Statistics
– Model Building and Fine Tuning
– Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
– Ensemble Learning
– Deep Learning
– Data Visualization

✅ Tools Covered
– Tableau
– TensorFlow
– NumPy
– Pandas
– Python
– R Programming
– Microsoft Power BI
– And Many More…

✅ Eligibility for this Data Science Bootcamp:
– At least 18 years and have a High School Diploma or equivalent.
– Prior knowledge or experience in programming and mathematics
– Preferably 2+ years of formal work experience

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