Trapezoid Rule In Python


In this video, we be coding the trapezoid rule in python! The trapezoid rule is a fundamental numerical technique for approximating definite integrals. Whether you’re a student delving into calculus or a Python enthusiast exploring numerical methods, this tutorial is designed to help you grasp the essential concepts.

Learn key Python programming techniques for implementing the trapezoid rule step by step. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from defining the function to calculating the area under the curve using trapezoids! Practical examples and coding exercises will enhance your understanding and proficiency in implementing this numerical method.

This timeline is meant to help you better understand how to code the trapezoid rule in python:
0:00 Introduction
0:10 Recap of trapezoid ruleTheory
1:08 Installing python libraries
2:14 Coding trapezoid rule in Python
7:46 Outro

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This video is part of our Numerical Methods course. Numerical methods is about solving math problems through approximating the solution of problems that would be difficult or impossible to solve analytically. In this playlist we will cover topics such as solving systems of linear equations, solving systems of non-linear equations, numerical integration, numerical derivatives, etc..
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